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Many of our members participate in the sailboat races each weekend during the season - Memorial Day through Middle of September. Racing is sponsored by the Deep Creek Yacht Racing Association (DCYRA). We have 2 sailboat classes on our lake - Flying Scot and Laser.


You don't have to be an experienced sailor to participate. Both classes have opportunities for sailors of all abilities to race  competitively and have fun. Some of our members start out day-sailing and then begin to race with other novice sailors. Others choose to crew for a more experienced sailor, or to help out on the committee boat or patrolling during the race.

Sailboat Racing on Deep Creek Lake

Flying Scots

Deep Creek Yacht Racing Association

Flying Scot




DCYRA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and conduct sailboat racing and regattas on Deep Creek Lake, MD. 


From Memorial Day in May through September, DCYRA runs weekend races for the two fleets on our lake - Flying Scot and Laser. Each fleet offers opportunities for sailors of all abilities to race safely and competitively.

The Flying Scot fleet is part of Fleet 6 in the Ohio District. The Deep Creek Yacht Racing Association on our lake has four separate divisions that offers opportunities for sailors of all abilities: 

  • Gold - Expert/Advanced sailors

  • Silver - Intermediate/Advanced

  • Challenger - beginners/novice

  • Masters - skipper is over 60 years & total skipper + crew age is 120 years or over.

Our Laser fleet has great racing opportunities for beginners to the die hard sailors that results in fun for all. They have two divisions -

  • Open fleet where sailors of all ages compete in both full and radial rigs.

  • Junior fleet for sailors under 19 who prefer radial or 4.7 rigs. 

Racing Schedule, Regattas & Results

Deep Creek Sailing School

Sailing Rules & Instruction

Other Sailing Links

Sailing Links

Upcoming Sailing Events

Upcoming Events
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The 2022 Sailing Season is just around the corner. 

Find out more about upcoming Regattas and the 2022 Racing Season

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